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Meet the Midwife


As an experienced Midwife in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I offer holistic maternity care. My goal is to support you to make empowered decisions throughout your pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and beyond.

My passion to serve expectant mothers was first realized in 2014 when I became a certified doula. In 2017 it became clear that the Lord was calling me to do more, and that is when I began my training towards midwifery. I’m a single mom of 3: 1 daughter, and 2 sons, and 2 bonus daughters from my previous marriage! I also have 2 angel babies, lost to miscarriage in 2013 and 2014.  With the loss of my second pregnancy in September of 2013, I experienced the love and support of an amazing doula. That experience is what first led me into birth work.

Supporting women through motherhood is a calling God placed in my heart when I first became a mother in 2009. I have filled this role in many capacities before finally coming to midwifery.

I love supporting undisturbed birth and helping women educate themselves to make empowered decisions. Labor is not just about birthing babies, it is also about birthing MOTHERS, and I believe that women who are empowered in birth will also be empowered in motherhood.

I have experience in supporting families from all walks of life. My birth experience includes home birth, birth center, and hospital birth. I have supported undisturbed home births as well as planned cesareans. I have also helped families through IVF and fertility struggles, VBAC, twins and breech, advanced maternal age, surrogacy, unmedicated birth, infant loss, and rainbow babies (pregnancy after loss).

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