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Meet the Student Midwife


If i’d have told 13 year old Raven that I would now be living in America, caring, advocating and supporting women through pregnancy and birth. Guiding families, making way for new little Texans I wouldn’t believe you. 


Pregnancy and birth and the science surrounding it really became fascinating for me at that age and since then I’ve not stopped being completely captivated by the power of women and their bodies. I spent most, if not all, of my adult life completely determined to be the midwife I would want to have. To be that hand that mothers can squeeze, the gentle voice of encouragement from the corner and the trusted eyes that say a thousand words without speaking. 


I grew up in a little village in the South West of England, and my family always said I’d end up in a caring profession. At aged 18 after spending a year working nights on a dementia floor in my local nursing home, I headed to University in the big city of Manchester. Over the next 3 years I completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Midwifery and Graduated with 1st Class Honours. I was thrown into midwifery at the deep end, sink or swim they used to say. 


In January of 2023 myself and my Manchester born and bred husband moved across the Atlantic to Fort Worth with his job as an Engineering Officer in the Royal Air Force. We love to travel together so all recommendations for “must sees” are most definitely welcome! 


I have now been a Registered Midwife for over 3 years. Over the years I have been honoured to care for hundreds of women and families, from all walks of life, with a huge variety of different cultural or religious backgrounds, health and wellness needs, and also a broad range of expectations and ideologies about birth! 


Midwifery in the UK does differ slightly, as every pregnant woman in the UK sees a midwife as standard which means I have lead care for every variation of high risk obstetric based birth and low risk birth giving me a huge breadth of knowledge, skills and experience. Skills and experience I am confident drawing on should I need to.


Since making the move to America I have been dedicated to continuing my professional development and have been working hard to achieve my CPM and Licence in the state of Texas. I have been excited to immerse myself in the local culture of midwifery and to continue to add to my knowledge base within holistic medicine.


Throughout my career I have become passionate about the empowerment of our expectant mothers and families and the concept that knowledge truly is power. It is my philosophy that every womans physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and beliefs are so unique that my role is to help provide information and knowledge and support you to feel empowered in in your informed decision making. 


I believe all our incredible bodies are designed perfectly to make, grow and provide for our children and we are - so to speak - born to birth. 

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